CapSenze Biosystems AB (CSAB) was founded in 2009 by Bo Mattiasson and Martin Hedström. The company is built around two technological platforms, a patented high-performance capacitive biosensor technology (CapSenze BioSystem) and a versatile flow-injection analytical system (CapSenze FlowSystem). Both platforms hold more than 15 years of research at Lund University.
The FlowSystem is a universal technological platform featuring extremely precise flow control together with flow- through reaction columns using innovative immobilization techniques for the active agents. The BioSystem can be used to determine specificity, kinetics, affinity and binding characteristics of biomolecules and macrostructures of varying species such as cells, antibodies, proteins, viruses and bacteria. Both platforms have found relevant applications in environmental analytics, in food safety applications, and now most promisingly as efficient tools for the monitoring and control of bioprocesses.
The persons involved in CSAB have broad competence within the field of biotechnology and life sciences. CSAB innovative FlowSystem technology is today close to the market with pilot unit instruments ready for beta- testing by potential end-costumers. CSAB BioSystem has been through a similar process and is currently extensively tested by end-costumers in Sweden and Europe. In addition, CSAB has successfully offered consultant services regarding bioassay development and analytical services (e.g. mass spectrometric analysis) to companies both in Sweden and abroad.