Acqualatina S.p.A. is a mixed enterprise which is 51% funded by public capital and 49% funded by private capital. The 51% of its capital is owned by the Municipalities belonging to the Optimal Territorial Amount (ATO) 4 South Latin Latium.

Acqualatina S.p.A. was constituted on 25 July 2002 and plays an important role at terrorial level, since it manages the Integrated Water Service. With a workforce of approximately 340 employees, it is responsible for managing such a fundamental service in 38 municipalities, of which 4 are located in the province of Frosinone, 2 in the province of Rome and 32 in the province of Latina. 

According to the Management Agreement signed, Acqualatina S.p.A. has been providing the water service management for 30 years (2002-2032).