The company was established 2nd of October 2002 and operates water supply system and sewer networks within three regions. The capital of the company is divided among cities and municipalities, where majority of shares are owned by the City of Bratislava (capital of the Slovak Republic). The main business activities of BVS, a.s., are the drinking water production and supply, wastewater sewerage and treatment as well as related chemical, technical and lab activities. BVS administrate and operates a total of 19 public water mains in 117 municipalities, 60 water sources, 130 water reservoirs, 112 water pumping stations and 8 drinking water treatment plants. We supply more than 721 thousand inhabitants with drinking water through a 3,163 km long water distribution network. In the wastewater sector we operate 26 WWTP’s in 42 municipalities, 279 wastewater pumping stations and 1652 kilometers of sewerage networks. BVS carried on implementing corporate responsibility and philanthropy projects and environmental education projects through the general public educational activities (Water Museum), educational programmes for the youth (Blue school programme) as well as specific activities, financed through the BVS Foundation.