Since 1985 FORMIT Foundation performs activities of scientific research, technical support, analysis and industrial, financial and socio-economic evaluation to sustain migration processes and integration of technological systems in every field of society. FORMIT activities aim at supporting Governments and Public Administrations in Italy and in foreign countries, National and European Parliaments, the European Commission and the Economic and Social Council on the United Nations. The Foundation cooperates with important European University and Institutes of Research in order to promote economic exploitation of results and technological development, based also on the establishment of spin-off companies. FORMIT promotes synergies between institutional investments and venture capital, aiming at realising structural and project activities of high technological content.

In 2004 the Economic and Social Council on the United Nations granted consultative status to FORMIT in recognition of its actions related to technological innovation to sustain socioeconomic development. FORMIT Foundation acts on a non-profit basis and promotes institutional projects linked to innovation and to technology transfer; it assigns grants and journalistic awards, it manages training course on juridical field and on company internationalization, it realizes socioeconomic surveys. The activity of our experts aims at a better and more effective use of technological innovation by the Public Administrations; our experts perform specific supporting actions in modernization processes, including reorganisation and project activities. Studies, development models and best practises are carried out to give support to the definition of the public policies in the technological research & development and innovation fields. FORMIT competences related to analysis and technical, functional, economic and organizational evaluation of the technological systems are available to those organizations and enterprises that want to use them in order to improve their organizational efficiency and the effectiveness of their actions. As a guarantee for its partners, FORMIT has adopted a code of ethics to ensure transparency and independence towards any third parties. The Foundation is economically independent from any public or private contribution or financing and its accounts are subjected to voluntary audit.