The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is Europe’s largest application-oriented research organization and has an established reputation for excellence at the front rank of applied research and development. Fraunhofer will participate with its Fraunhofer Institute for Microintegration and Reliability IZM in Berlin in the System project. The institute, founded in 1993, has a staff of more than 300. Nearly 80 percent of its turnover in 2015 was earned through contract research. Fraunhofer IZM develops assembly and interconnection technology together with leading edge research in RF issues and autarkic sensor nodes. Research and development topics are:

  • RF characterization of packaging materials and technologies up to 220 GHz
  • RF design of antennas, antenna systems and passive components
  • RF and high-speed system design
  • Design and integration of miniaturized wireless sensor nodes and systems
  • Power supply and energy management in microelectronic systems
  • Physical design tools and software