The Münchner Stadtentwässerung (MSE) cleans the wastewater of the state capital Munich and 26 surrounding communities. In the wastewater treatment plants Gut Großlappen (design capacity 2 million PE) and Gut Marienhof (design capactity 1 million PE) a yearly wastewater volume of 165 million m3 is treated. The wastewater treatment happens conventionally by activated sludge process. The nutrient elimination rate in both wastewater treatment plants is on a high level. A filtration process follows after the conventional wastewater treatment. This sandfiltration leads to a hold back of 99 % of the suspended solids. In addition to both wastewater treatment plants, MSE operates the sewerage system of Munich, which is around 2500 km long. Beside the actual piping, the sewerage system includes 14 additional stormwater retention buildings (rain overflow basin, rainwater retention basin, rainwater sewer); carrying a total capacity of 703000 m3. The MSE supports the project with suitable measuring points, allowing access to infrastructure and the know-how in the area of wastewater discharge and treatment.