Carabinieri Corps is an Italian Police Force with a military status. It carries general competence and responsibility for criminal investigation, security and public order and contributes to military operations within the country and abroad. The Corps, counts about 110.000 Carabinieri, is headed by the General Command, a structure for the direction, coordination and control of the whole sphere of activities. From the GC depend: 1. The Territorial Organization, 2.The Training Organization, 3.The Carabinieri Specialized and Mobile Units Command “Palidoro” that is made up of Divisions charged with highly specialised tasks.Carabinieri Scientific Investigation Group (RaCIS), that belongs to Carabinieri Specialized and Mobile Units Command “Palidoro”, is the division that will be directly involved in this project, conducts forensic investigations as usually requested by prosecutor’s offices and/or by the Carabinieri Commands, but sometimes directly from the Court or from other national and local police forces. The RaCIS currently performs laboratory analysis, reporting and court testifying as well as crime scene processing. The RaCIS provides analysis and crime scene investigations abroad, in case of IED explosions or serious events involving the Italian Troops on duty in international peace keeping missions. The forensic analysis provided by the laboratories concern the following branches: explosives and post- blast recovery and investigation; fire and arson investigations; drugs analysis; fibers, paints, glasses, inks and traces recovery and analysis; recovery, developing, registration and identification of latent prints (AFIS search included); recovery, developing, registration and identification of tire tracks traces and footwear traces; recovery of body fluids and hair and DNA extraction, typing and identification (DNA database search included); tool marks recovery and identification; ballistic analysis and bullet trajectories 3D reconstructions; gunshot residues; blood pattern; CC/TV footage and signal processing; face recognition; computer science, IT and cybercrime investigations; audio signal processing and speech recognition; and disaster victims identification also for mass grave processing (leading agency in this sector).