SENSICHIPS is an SME developing safety system microsensors. SENSICHIPS brings together a unique combination of expertise in materials science, analytical chemistry, nanotechnologies and precision analog microelectronics to engage in the development of a next generation microsensors platform. Miniature sensors are integrated with proprietary NEMS manufacturing process together with signal conditioning, acquisition electronics and AI support for synergistic coordination to improve recognition, in a single microchip. Measuring just 3x3mm, the chips offer an integrated multi-microsensor IC platform with low power consumption and low system costs. Powerful detection capabilities include hazardous chemicals, physicals, radiological and nuclear agents. The miniature scale of the microsensors enable the chips to be embedded in a wide range of wearable electronics and lightweight dornes paving a development path to smart fabrics and miniature robotics with advanced sensor capabilities. Sensichips is part of the Arescosmo Spa industrial group.