T4i engineering Ltd, located at Loughborough University Advanced Technology Innovation Centre in the UK, is a SME specializing on the design and development of advanced chemical detectors onboard UAVs and robotics. T4i aims at modernizing manufacturing of detectors using advanced design tools, prototyping and key-enabling technologies, such as additive/hybrid manufacturing. They design detectors especially useful in harsh environments, where stand-off technology is required for the protection of the operator. In SYSTEM project, T4i engineering Ltd brings T4i DOVER™ (Drone Operable Vapour Examiner and Recorder) that will be adapted for use in the detection and localization of clan drug labs. T4i is also a partner of H2020 TOXI-triage project (www.toxi-triage.eu), a project funded under the DRS-2-2014 topic of the Secure Societies call for proposals that addresses CBRN detection in emergency response. T4i was also a member of the SME supplier platform of the EC FP7 EDEN demonstration project promoting T4i CBRN detection technologies.